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Frank Gee  about "Last Night When We WereY oung": 

This is EXCELLENT! The tone is top shelf, and I love how you've made

beauty your top priority in this arrangement.  

"I´ve Grown Accustomed ...": Just like Wes did,

you use your thumb to maximum effect.

(Aug. 2015 in Chord Melody Guitar)


Kenny Pore, Recording-Artist with Vinnie Colaiuta, Robben Ford, 

So., 9. Aug. 2014, E-Mail:

„I heard you playing `You don't know what Love is´,

and liked it very much.

Do you have a guitar solo transcription written out

that could be made available. Thanks, Kenny“


Bruce Bjorna, Wed, 13.Aug, 2014, Facebook,

Blonde Archtop Guitar Club:

“I knew Harry Volpe.

Great to hear his music again.

You did him proud.

Great performance of

`Midnight Clear´!“


Aug 2014: Youtube-Video of

`Moon Over Bourbon Street´ 

watched more than

10000 times


Craig Brandau, Culver, California:

Great sound and feel to his playing!

I like to exchange musical

ideas with him in the future.


Joseph Angelastro,

Carlsbad, California:
Beautiful playing! I would

love to play some duets

with him


Dave Juarez, Amsterdam:
Nice sound! Cool stuff really!!

If he ever comes to Amsterdam

I like to play and go to jams with Olli.


Davide Facchini, Varese, Italy:
Great playing

Giovanna Tengo ,  Montevideo, Uruquay:
Beautiful music, it's a pleasure.


Jennifer Eden ,New Jersey:
I admire his playing a great deal.

Dominique Guerini, Korsika:
Very Beauitful sensibility!


Susanna Bartilla , Paris
"Shape of my Heart“ ist zum verlieben schön.

Candycream , Frankfurt:
schöne, entspannende Sounds


Bill Barnes , New Hampshire:

Very nice playing- I love the sound of the guitar!


Astrud Geno, Argentina:

I like the performance a lot!


K. Baumgardt, Frankfurt:

Schön; höre zu und vergesse dabei zu arbeiten!


Cloudshine Music, California

Tasteful jazz guitar. Beautiful sound!


Gianluca Attanasio, Roma:

I love his guitar: Magic  touch!


Emili Juju, Kansas City:

Fantastic sound. Especially like the "rest of your life".

I love gymnopedie...reminds me of my childhood piano lessons.

I have not heard this on guitar until very nice.

Thank you for the music!


Jim Spector, Amsterdam:

Beautiful, clean playing





C o m m e n t s / N e w s

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